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Thought history was boring? Think again! Here are links to some wonderful fun websites and resources all about the Ancient Romans!


The Romans and Boudicca


(Please note: To download any resources from tes.co.uk you need to be a member but registration is free!)


Roman mosaics (plus a lot of other activities for children)


An excellent site bursting full of information about the Roman Empire- there is also a kids' section (highly recommended!)


What did Romans dress like? Why did men wear a toga?  Did they wear underpants? Find out here!


A really fun website covering many other ancient civilisations as well as the Romans


The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence- Great books and great website with many interesting Roman facts for kids plus ideas for teachers too!


For the ultimate in living history why not hire a real Roman centurion or Greek hoplite soldier to visit your school? A fantastic experience!


If you have found these links useful and you have some of your own which you recommend please contact us on the feedback page. All suggestions welcome!











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