New Pathway Planting

by Julie Moulds - 14:00 on 15 August 2019


Thanks to the museum’s new neighbours, the Friends of Letocetum can now boast beautifully planted steps and pathway taking visitors to the open air ruins of the Bath House and Mansio. The plants will add all year round colour, interest and ground cover to an otherwise dull area. 

There remains one of the original roses planted by past custodian Fred Linney in the 1970s, that adorned the open air site pathway, and beyond, with a lavender hedge.

Thank you to Rob and Paul who sourced the plants from 'Hudsons Plant Centre Ltd.', Belper, Derby, as well as carrying out the planting for the Friends of Letocetum.

*Images from left to right show the pathway as it was originally planted in the 1970s and the pathway as it looks today.


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