Cloud Survey or Cloudy Survey?

by Admin Letocetum - 15:30 on 31 March 2022



On March 29th, a Point Cloud Survey team came to the site to create a 3D scan of the remains of Roman Wall. Their laser scanner was able to take millions of measurements of the site, which when linked to photographic records will produce the most accurate 3D survey of Letocetum produced to date. The misty conditions of the day didn’t deter the team who were joined by some of our volunteers who wanted to see them at work, though that may have something to do with the hot tea provided by volunteer Julie.


We hope that this survey will help produce a new plan and/or image of the site which will appear in our updated guidebook (which will include updated information on our African Warrior) to help visitors better understand the remains of this once bustling Roman town. In the longer term the survey will help English Heritage with the ongoing maintenance of the ruins by providing a detailed baseline survey to work with.

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